4 Best WordPress Plugins You Must Have

The best and one of the most popular sites to host your site is definetly WordPress.
Word press allows us to add more than 50000 plugins some of there are website security , landing pages , analytics tools, etc. But when so many options are available to us, it can get confusing to decide which ones would be best for you.
So leave the work for us because we are offering you the best 4 wordpress plugins you must have.

1.Woo Comerance
If you want to establish your very own online store, WooCommerce is the best choice for you
because the app is free to download and if you want more extensions you will have to pay as example is the FedEx shipping method, that will cost you only 79-120$

The best part about this plugin is its extension library- one of the most extensive ones out there and also the plugin itself can make your online store on of the most attractive and userfriendly ones.

This is the solution to solve all your problems related to the site because it comes with 35 modules and they all have separate functions. Some of the modules are there for custom CSS, Google Analytics, contact forms, and it even has SEO tools to help your site rank higher.

The jetpack includes things such as protecting the code with scanning, check the content for style,spelling, grammatical errors etc…

3.Imagify Image Optimizer
Are you running a photography site but the images take too long to upload? Then this is the best choice for you Most of your audience will not be willing to spend their time on an image-based site if the images take too long to be visible thats why this plugin keeps the size within certain parameters to help the site load up faster.

With this tool you can optimize your images in the WordPress Media Library directly with 3 levels of compressing: Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. , you can also Use their online app to resize images outside the Media Library and you can optimize multiple images simulatenously with their bulk system.

4.Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)
This plugin allows you to view the site’s performance directly from the word press dashboard.
The good thing about this plugin is that it is absoulutely FREE!!

It can help you to track website events like affiliate links, emails, and downloads , n-depth reports on error statistics, organic search results, bounce rates also it supports Google AMP
(Accelerated Mobile Pages )

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