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How to activate UserPro plugin

Method 1: Edit the file index.php and after line 37 which is global $userpro; add this: $userpro->validate_license(‘whatever-license-key-you-want-displayed-here’); No need to do anything else, upon reloading the dashboard it will be activated and nag messages will be gone. Method 2: Just use below key to activate the plugin 0d9266ab-4233-42ee-b48b-5fc5bfb8ee5f Method 3 Go to admin-notices.php and add: update_option(‘userpro_trial’, […]

How to activate WordPress WhatsApp Support plugin

In the file includes/class-wws-init.php just after line 8 which is this: public function init() { Add this: update_option(‘sk_wws_license_key’, ‘whatever_license_key_you_want’); And then, in the file includes/admin/class-wws-admin-plugin-update.php find the function check_update which starts around line 15 and add this to the start of the function code: return; Refresh the dashboard and the plugin should be good to […]