How does our exchange work

In we seek to grant access to all of our members to the best WordPress Plugin, Themes, Web-Templates and more products out there, with respecting of couse the terms of the GPL License.

For that reason, we want to propose to all interested an product exchange, by giving you the WordPress product you need for an exchange for the ones you already have.


what makes us special

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Our exchange program is to expand our WordPress catalouge with more products, in order to benefit everyone who are part of

If you have any purchased WordPress product on any official website and it has an GPL license, we can exchange with you for some of our product that you need or give you an memebership.

This of course depends on what will you offer.
For the safety of our members we require from you to personaly access the data to enter on authors site and download the product ourself.


With our exchange everyone can benefit!

With this exchange you will have access to the new WordPress product for your website and you will continue enjoying your products and the updates same like before the exchange.

For the value of the exchange we can offer:

  1. Some plugins(S)
  2. Monthly or Yearly Membership
  3. Or an Lifetime Membership on

 This is an fair deal for everyone!

If you have any GPL WordPress product that we do not have please do not hesitate to contact us right away.